Members Are Talking about You on Social Media: Here’s Your Action Plan


By Robert McGarvey


1 billion: people who are active on Facebook.

300 million: Twitter users.

Yes, they are talking about you and what they are saying will help you succeed—or fail.

Here are some exact quotations from members at social sites about credit unions:

This is the worst financial institute to deal with.

Anytime I walk into this branch, I am NEVER greeted by anyone, ever. I could stand at the front of the line, with nobody else there and wait and wait…and wait to be called up.

I went for a loan through this company and their incompetence is astonishing.

Ouch!  It gets brutal sometimes.

Smart credit unions know this. They have ambitious social media management programs.

Navy Federal, BECU, and others make The Financial Brand’s annual list of credit unions with the best social media programs.

What do you need to know and do to rank among the best?

  • Create a Facebook business page.
  • Ditto on Twitter.
  • Pick a few credit unions on The Financial Brand list, and follow them. Learn from those who do it right.
  • Monitor what people say about you. How hard is that?

 Here’s your never-do:

  • Never respond angrily.
  • Never respond with personal account info. If you are tempted to post, “You got turned down for that car loan because your FICO score would be single digits if they went that low.”…Don’t.

What can you say? Here’s pointed advice from experts.

Rhys Jenkins, Social Media Manager at digital marketing agency Traffic Jam Media:

“Acknowledge the complaint in public on whichever platform it came from.”

“Look to bring the complaint into a private conversation where finer details can be shared.”

Karlyn Williams, Social Media & Marketing Manager at consulting firm StellaPop:

“The worst thing you could do is ignore complaints or questions via social media. It’s best to view negative comments as an opportunity to set the record straight, not go on the defensive.”

Valerie Turgeon, a Digital Content Specialist at Brandpoint, a content marketing agency:

“When it comes to responding to complaints via social media, the key is speed.”

The takeaways for positive engagement with members on social media:

  • Remember these four Rs: Respond rapidly, respectfully, responsibly.
  • And remember this rule of thumb: acknowledge problems publicly, but resolve them privately.

Live in the 21st century: Do all this now.  It’s essential to growing your credit union.






Author: The Credit Union Exchange

CULIANCE is a CUSO that draws its strength from inclusion not size. As an alliance of credit unions, we believe that together credit unions can accomplish so much more than they can alone. We’re devoted to the purpose and the potential of the credit union community, and are continually pursuing ways to engage, support, and inspire it. Our state-of-the-art, affordable products and services are developed to ensure you meet the demands of an ever-changing, dynamic financial services industry so that you can better compete and help improve your members’ lives. For more information, please visit or call (877) 570-2824.

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