Mansel’s Motivational Monday


“Back in 2004, Sylvester Croom became the first African American head coach in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).  He was hired by my alma mater, Mississippi State.  When Coach Croom talked about his journey to becoming a head coach, he would talk about being passed over by other schools, including his alma mater, Alabama.  But he was not a bitter man.  When he was finally hired to be the head coach at Mississippi State, he said this; “It is better to be prepared for something that never happens than to be unprepared for something that does.”  Regardless of whether or not anyone would ever give him the chance, Coach Croom spent his career preparing.  And while his five years at Mississippi State may not have been an overwhelming success, his words spoke, and still speak volumes to me.  If we have a dream, if we have a vision, we should live every day in preparation for that vision to become a reality.  Regardless of whether you aspire to be the king of the world or to simply lead a small group of people, live like you are already there.  Then, you’ll know how to act if or when your dream comes true.” 


Author: The Credit Union Exchange

CULIANCE is a CUSO that draws its strength from inclusion not size. As an alliance of credit unions, we believe that together credit unions can accomplish so much more than they can alone. We’re devoted to the purpose and the potential of the credit union community, and are continually pursuing ways to engage, support, and inspire it. Our state-of-the-art, affordable products and services are developed to ensure you meet the demands of an ever-changing, dynamic financial services industry so that you can better compete and help improve your members’ lives. For more information, please visit or call (877) 570-2824.

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